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May 19, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #56

Introducing a great album by The Chalets called "The Chalets"


And the highly coveted "Shepard Porn Award" goes to:
Oh, they shall lay, alright...no doubt about it!
? ? Bow-chick-a-wow-wow...? ?

10. Thank god their last name wasn't Cox.

9. There are dozens of guys lying dead on the ground with red shirts.

8.5.JC Penny did a good job on the photos.
8. AKA the Harmonizing Spocks.

7. Billy "Fancy going for a pint after this?"
Bob [out the side of his mouth] "Nah, I've got an appointment with my chiropractor"
-Kristi51 (I love that you gave them names)

6.5. guys, Volvos have nice headlamp design, but maybe you should get the f@ck out of the way
6. "A Fantastical Journey Featuring Sing-Drooling®!"

5. If you're tired of being mistaken for the valets, stop wearing matching monochrome uniforms and lurking innocuously in the driveway.

4.5. These guys know a thing or two about cottaging ...
4. Includes the hit single "Dana, Won't You Blow My Matterhorn?".

3. you haven't truly heard it,until you hear it in pine covered walls

2. You still look a little stiff fellows. Try messing up your hair.

1.9823345682. They're wistfully dreaming of the day they'll meet 2 more Kraftwerk impersonators. Then all hell will break loose.
1 x [I dont have a calculator handy]. They'll be disappointed when the mailman delivers what they mistakenly think will be Swiss Army Wives.
1.875. They're making plans for the day Heidi turns 18
1.75. Their dicks also have blue turtle-necks. .
1.5. Seeing who can hold in his scalding-cocoa enema the longest.
1. They're holding down a guy who made fun of their turtle-necks (and waiting for the 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' from their mom).