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September 20, 2008


Got on a airplane in Los Angeles that I thought was going to New England. And we flew and flew and flew and after about 8 hours I wondered if we'd ever land. When we did 12 hours later we were not in New England. It was NEW ZEALAND. Only thing I heard about New Zealand was it was Middle Earth. Didn't see no hobbits at the airport. But sure is cold, cold, cold here. And guess what? The first night we was here you won't believe who we saw on Australian TV. Will Ferrell and John C. They were supposed to be telling folks about Step Brothers movie, but they came out at the talk show in tiny little shorts and tank tops saying they was a pole vaulting team. Huh? Didn't know that was a Olympic sport now. They were hysterical and even our Kiwi friends understood they humour. Who says comedy don't travel. It's Spring here...yeah, right. Only thing that's spring like is the unbelievable flowers. It looks like the whole place is florist to the stars. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow. We're off on a road trip and don't know where we'll be going, but I'll try to find the internets as we go along. Y'all take care while we're gone.

Oh, yeah, the weirdest thing is that it's Sunday here and where most of you are (U.S.) it's Saturday. I totally don't get that. If anybody out there understands how that works, please let me know.