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June 18, 2011

Michele Bachmann takes on yet another long-held scientific theory that she thinks needs rethinking.

Congressman and republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says that Newton’s theory of gravity is “very controversial” among scientists.

She further claims that a whole range of scientists, some of them Nobel prize winners, reject the theory in favor of the idea that God keeps most of his earthly creations from floating through the air with the use of invisible thumbtacks.

“Many scientists don’t believe in gravity,” said the remarkably earth-bound Bachmann, speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Friday. “Hundreds of them, including some who have won Nobel prizes. I believe in putting all science on the table – including the holy thumbtack theory – and letting students decide.”

Bachmann, who has made such declarations of faith in “Holy Thumbtackism” before, has been challenged by a young student to name some of these scientists who support this theory.

9-year-old Karenna Mitchell, a fourth-grader at Isaac Hayes Elementary School in Roswell, New Mexico wrote on her blog Friday night, “Miss Bachmann, I challenge you to come up with a single Nobel laureate who supports Holy Thumbtackism. If you cannot, you have to say you’re sorry on national TV. Otherwise, you’re clearly a butt.”

Mitchell’s website entry has garnered hundreds of thousands of hits in only one day, and she has received emails of support from scientists, science teachers, celebrities and a few public officials.
Bachmann and her campaign have made no comment on Mitchell’s challenge, but right-wing Faux TV commentator Bill O’Reilly quipped on his show that Mitchell, whose father is a postal worker, is “a typical elitist liberal living off of a government paycheck.”