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April 01, 2010


My name is Brittany , and love Justin Drew Bieber beyond everything , and i would be the happiest person on earth if i ever met him in person & became friends with him , but there are always girls all over him screaming his name , i never get a chance to meet him , hopefully one of these days i WILL meet him in person , and become friends with a talented person , i dont care that he has money or hes famous , i just think talented famous singers like *JUSTIN BIEBER* , are just living their dream , and they never give up on what they start , their NORMAL people just like us teenagers. (; Justin never changed he just got to live his dream out , and we made it happen for him. <3 im supporting Justin through anything.

HATERS dont waste your time calling him a fag , gay bitch , or shit likee that , thats just immature. If you dont like him thats you , you should get to know the person before you judge them from how they look , sing , or act. i know people would hate you too. thats just normal , just dont waste your time talking about someone you dont like , if you are wasting your time , that means you have a low lifee. thats when you know YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE. It may seem like im obsessed with JB , but im really not , i think he's HOT , and i LOVE his music , but that doesn't mean im obsessed with him (x does it ? ;D i just hate it when people call him a fag , it gets me really annoyed. Justin is an AMAZING person. I would defend Justin even if i have to do something really stupid. like i said ;;



& i also said that im supporting him through ANYTHING ; so thaat means ANNNNNYTHING ! <3