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June 14, 2008


So it finally happened. It took less than a month to accomplish it and I am glad I got it out of the way. What am I talking about?

I am talking about falling off my bike. Actually I didn't even fall off it. I was still attached to the bike. I took that bitch down with me.

The reason that I fell was really stupid. I bought a road bike about three weeks ago complete with shoe clip pedals. They are pretty cool, they clip onto the pedals so that your feet do not come off when you are riding. When you want to unclip your shoe from the pedal all that you have to do is twist the ball of your foot.

Well here is where I was bound to f*ck up eventually. I pull up to a stop light and am waiting for the light to change. I have unclipped the right shoe and am leaning to the right. Well my weight shifted to the left. How that happened is beyond me. But either way it happened. While most people would just catch themself with their left leg, my foot was still clipped into the pedal.

And down I go. Me and the bike fall to the ground. I landed on my hip. The bike didn't have a hip to land on, so it decided to land on me.

A very nice old lady came up and asked "Oh my goodness, are you ok?" I responded with "Yeah, I am fine, this happens a lot." WHAT!?!? That is not true. But somehow my mouth thought by saying that it would make it seem better. The last time I fell off my bike I was 8 years old. I say a 19 year streak is pretty good.

Yeah, way to go Jim. Lying and saying that it wasn't an accident but an ongoing experiment in clumsiness makes it sound so much better.

I hopped back up quickly and dusted myself off. I finished the rest of my ride without incident.

Well, I got the first fall out of the way. I am sure that soon enough the second time will happen and I will update about that when it happens.