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October 27, 2008


wigger-15344.jpg Tell me it ain’t so homie, tell me you didn’t just scuff my gators. What you blind B? That must be it-you blind. Shit, you want me to go get some tin and and a hammer and knock the shit out in braille , you just stepped on my gators nigga. Yeah you see me, I know you aint blind bitch but you must be deaf cause I don’t hear you apologizing fo’ shit.

What you deaf bitch? Cause I know words be rolling out my grill at a rapid motherfucking pace all up in your direction. Oh you must be deaf disrespectin me like this. You want me to sign it out for you hellen keller-you just stepped on my gators holmes. Oh you don’t want me to sign this out cause I do all my signin with my motherfucking heaters! Twenty 2 two’s mofucka! I know you can hear me so you must got A.D.D. or some shit, ignoring me and what not.

What you got A.D.D. punta? Damn I know you got that shit otherwise you would have noticed me by now, and recognized that you stepped on this thugs gators. What you run out of ridilin, you need your daily dose? That must be it homie I figured it out. Yo my boy sells that shit on the D.L. he could cop you some cause I want you to be aware of how bad it’s gonna hurt when I break my dick off in your ass faggot. Oh now your paying attention so I know it ain’t A.D.D., what you got diabetes or some shit.

What you got diabetes Jay Cutler?I thought you were scared of the one two’s with all the shaking you’ve been doing, but that must be it! You having a diabetic seizure pussy? That still ain’t no excuse to step on my gators home slice. Yo you want me to go get you some suga negro? Yeah I’ll get you some sugar, as soon as a find a way  to pry my dick out of your mouth queer. No I don’t think it’s the diabetes, you got to have some sort of palsy.

What you got cerebral palsy dickballs? I should have known, oh I should have known you had cerebral palsy you look just like one of those gimp ass bitches. No excuse man, you gotta watch your crippled ass cause you a motherfucking liability dogg. Don’t you have some sort of handler or sumthing? Who let this retard out of his cage cause they owe me some a new pair of gators. Yo you lucky I’m doing community service right now or I would cripple your ass. Naw I aint gonna do that but I am gonna go find yo boy Stephen Hawking, this hospitals got his name all over it so he gonna pay fo’ my gators.