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Published January 25, 2014 More Info »
( 5 Random show and or movie and or web show ideas for 2015 just pulled fresh out my ass on 11-19-2015 @ 1:00 A.M. E.T. ) 

5. Ghost (  The rated T.V. MA live action t.v series based off the Dark Horse Comic book series Ghost starring Katarina Waters as Ghost. ) 

4. Barb Wire ( A rated t.v. MA live action t.v. series based off the Dark Horse comic book series Barb Wire starring Traci Lords as Barb Wire and this show will be shoot in here in her home town here in my local area of Steubenville O.H.  Every thing about this ideas fits like a glove. An then crossover episodes of Ghost and Barb Wire can happen on down the line one these shows become hits. ) 

3.  N.W.A. ALL-PRO (  A new weekly and live 2 hour long Saturdays N.W.A. pro wrestling  T.V. show.  7 pm - 10 pm E.T. where only the very best in pro wrestling get showcased on the C.W.  "Come on C.W. you don't have shit on on the weekends for starters and look at the ratings the W.W.E. , T.N.A. , R.O.H.  and Lucha Underground are bringing in each week. + it's a cheap show air compared to shows that get made for the C.W. Give it a try what could it hurt  you know C.W. Shot each week for the St John Arena in Stubenville O.H.  ) 

2.  Xena ( A prequel to the Xena Warrior Princess all about her dark past. Starring Katarina Waters as Xena. Rated T.V. MA as it gets because i think where way past do for a t.v show centered around the villain being the star. ) 

1.  Eye Candy ( Ex porn star and struggling actress are cougar Nora Wood ( Traci Lords ) is about to get kicked out of her apartment so in order to pay her here bills and what have you , she suckers in the fat ass and dorky as it gets , up in coming script writer , Gabriel Hamm into moving in with her and marring her , so he can write her into his new scripts his working on that are sure to become hits. An in return she becomes his sexy arm candy , making him look good as the two of them try to take over Hollywood.  Rated T.V. MA. An yes their will be sex of the nakedness kind in this goofball comedy about one odd ball couple that make it work for all the wrong reasons. ) 

( More ideas later on will added once i come up with the BS )