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January 06, 2010


Amoraea Dreamseed receives various commissions from the Divine to construct the sacred architecture of the Subtle Realms here on Earth in ways that become accessible temples for people to recommence and reinforce their connection with SOURCE PRESENCE. Exploring multiple mediums to express and transmit the One Cosmic Code in to form, Amoraea has created various DNA Activation ceremonies and Lightbody seminars, visionary art and healing music as access points for others to awaken from within.

Lightbody After numerous catalytic inbreaths of receiving Multi-Dimensional Information and Upgrades during college (where he majored in Transpersonal Psychology and Religious Studies), Dreamseed moved to Hawaii for the next 7 years and refined his Spiritual Connection and the Grand Synthesis of the Work to be delivered. Awakening of his own Lightbody (“Rainbow Bridge Godhead Axis”) and the Hyperluminal Physics of the Soul inevitably delivered him to his True Purpose as an Emanation and Embodiment of the Divine for Collective Awakening (what other purpose is there ultimately?).

DNA Activation Sacred Stargate Global Site work became a major point of implementing and re-weaving DNA Activation into the Matrix of the Earth, especially in Peru, Mayan country, India, Nepal, Bali, Avalon and Egypt. Personal and Group Ceremonies engaging the Ascension of Consciousness with others in the ‘Light Family’ revealed the inherent design of how Source Intelligence is utilizing those of us now in Waking Status to accelerate the Cosmic Program.

Lightbody Inherent in Amoraea’s template is an experiential ability to translate the Sacred Geometries, Light-Sound Code Matrices, Spiral Breath sequences, Body Mudra Harmonics, and Quantum Time Holograms into a Unifying HyperField Mechanics that open Multi-Dimensional Portals for accessing our Lightbody. He delights in co-creating and sharing this scintillating field with other Waking Ones, physical and otherwise… Sacred Union with others in Soul Tantra / Meditation became one of the quickest and integrated ways of advancing the Solar Kundalini Lightbody and Cosmic Consciousness through DNA Activation techniques. His archetypal work in Sacred Expression, whether with intimate partners or intimate SoulPod family, greatly influences his art, music, and teachings.

Visionary Art Amoraea is dedicated to unifying the Transcendent and Immanent aspects of the GodHead into the fulfillment of the Divine Human Potential as Fully Awakened Source Embodiments. Anything he can do to assist in that empowered realization within others brings him supreme bliss and joy ! Please discover more of his offerings through his visionary art and healing music.

Visionary Art Amoraea’s training in Human Bio-Energetics through his Reiki Mastership and Quantum Touch certifications provide a foundation for interfacing ‘Spirit’ into the Mind-Body Matrix. These teachings have been further rounded out by his initiations in the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School through master teacher Amorah Quan Yin, where he was trained in Full Sensory Perception, psychic reading / healing, and clearing of the KA body. Healing music He has also completed various courses with International Soul Seminar Teacher Ilona Selke on activating Soul Awareness States, ‘Living from Vision,’ and Tantra of the Soul. Intensive Self-studies in Quantum dynamics, sacred geometry, and ancient sciences complete his comprehensive wisdom and application of the Life Principle in the Awakening of the Divine Human.

DNA Activation Amoraea offers private sessions that may incorporate the following modalities he has been trained in or has generated himself: Lightbody and DNA Activation, Anchoring Higher Self, Cosmic Archetypes, Star Family lineages, and Soul’s Greater Embodiment, Clearing and Activating the KA Body, Universal Meridians, Geometric Body and other subtle bodies, Psychic Readings and clearings, Chakra balancing, Holographic Field and Light Column stabilization / reconnection, Breath work, Tantra / Panic Light Flows, Guided Visualizations and Shamanic Journeywork, Soul Retrieval, Reiki. His Visionary Art and healing music are a direct way to access some of the states he teaches, as they are visual and sound holograms that carry the information and energetics of his transmission.