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April 29, 2012

A recent study said that 45% of women overestimated the effectiveness of birth control...while the remaining 55% were cut from the cheerleading squad...

There was talk this week that Augusta National was considering allowing their first female member. Augusta ultimately voted against the idea, mainly because they felt if they allowed one female member in, Tiger would just keep inviting more

At the American Country Music Awards this week, a young couple was married on stage. The wedding was a traditional southern wedding and the bride and groom had an amazing time, according to their father...

Insurance company Aviva accidentally fired 1300 employees when they sent out a mass email that was just intended for one person. What was even worse was how they asked them back: "OK everyone who was wrongly fired by us step forward NOT SO FAST JEFF!

Nike and Reebok are currently feuding over who should have the right to sell Tim Tebow jerseys in the next coming weeks.Tebow ruled Nike the winner of the lawsuit after he ordered them to cut the jersey in half but they declined and offered the jersey to Reebok

An upscale condo in London will be equipped with a missile system on its roof for safety during the Olympics... while the poorer condos will just be given flashlights...

In an attempted triple murder, a Florida man shot his two dogs but ran out of bullets when he turned the gun on his wife. Authorities arrested the man as he was trying to beat her to death with a rolled up newspaper.

Amid the Secret Service prostitution scandal, new rules are being put in place that limit alcohol consumption and room guests for Secret Service agents. In addition, Sasha and Malia will now be in charge whenever the President has to run to the grocery store

A blind human rights activist in China has escaped captivity and authorities are unsure how he pulled it off. So heres to yet another life saved thanks to the Underground Brailroad!

The Indianapolis Colts selected Andrew Luck with the 1st overall pick in the NFL Draft. so it's official...Eli is now Archie Manning's 3rd favourite son...

A website is offering a million dollars to any woman who can prove she's had sex with Tim Tebow. One girl was close, but they wouldn't give her the money because Tebow couldn't complete 

After the recent Tsunami, a soccer ball from Japan washed up on the American shore...and the LA Galaxy immediately offered it a contract...

Producers for the Discovery Channel show "Curiosity," purposely crashed a 727 Airplane for an episode. Apparently they were curious how quickly they could get fired

Comedian Russell Brand addressed the British House of Commons this week about the subject of drug use. Brand insisted that the house take a pragmatic approach to drug abuse and stop treating addicts like criminals, while the house insisted that Mr. Brand stop yelling at the plants and speak into the microphone...

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