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August 05, 2010

Too soon for election 2012 Coverage?

Former Chicago Activist Is A Rising Star For The DNC

Washington D.C. (CHN)- Although it's just a few short months before the 2010 midterm elections, party insiders have already began the process of identifying candidates for the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Both Democrats and Republicans have been narrowing the field for the election that is still more than 2 years away.

As the nation continues fighting the malaise of a deep economic slump and unemployment near 10% a theme of change is resonating with voters. "Let's throw the bums out," said Janet Mathews from Klamath Falls, OR.

"It's too early to make any firm predictions," said DNC South West Region organizer Dean Cardoza. "From what I have heard about Barrack Obama from Chicago, I like it so far," he added.

"I remember the last campaign and all the promises like it was yesterday," said Jasper McFitsimmons of Little Rock, AK. "They were going to bring the troops home, close Guantanamo, fix the economy, and make it cooler outside." McFitsimmons continued, "I'm not a news buff, but I haven't seen any of that; yea I would consider this Obama, he can't be any worse than what we have now".

Democratic Party insiders are well aware of the buzz surrounding Obama, a 49 year old Hawaii native who wowed DNC 2004 convention goers with his speech supporting John Kerry. They also are reluctant to roll the dice with a largely unproven, albeit enigmatic, newcomer even if 'change' is the driving catalyst in 2012.

Anonymous sources say that the old guard of the DNC is pointing towards better seasoned politicians like current Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod or current Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Current Vice President Joe Biden has also topped many lists but at least one key anonymous source from within the administration said recently that "Biden is a fucking idiot".

Former 2008 Republican nominee John McCain was reluctant to comment on the DNC's chances in 2012 but he did confirm that Obama could be Presidential material even though he has been far from the limelight over the past two years. "He just might be honing his skills and lining up key support for a historic run at the Whitehouse," acknowledged McCain.

has compiled a list of recent accomplishments by the former Harvard Law grad that will be key components to a possible 2012 run: