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May 19, 2016

Impress everyone at the club by drawing a butt on your nose.

So you think you can dance? Okay sure maybe your body can, but like can your nose dance? And not just any kind of dance, we’re talking twerking (the Swan Lake of the twenty first century.)

A beautiful and misunderstood soul, Meg Mallari, just felt that movement of the limbs was not creatively satisfying enough for her self expression and boldly went where hopefully no other person as gone. She drew a butt on her nose a twerked it to Rihanna’s Work. Behold art.

Rightly so, other people picked up on the dance trend.

There’s even a makeup tutorial. But be warned, this will teach you the look, but you have to bring the attitude.

And yes, it does seem to work with other songs, so go have fun twerking your noses until they mayor of your small town bans it!

h/t Buzzfeeed