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October 18, 2010

Thoughts by Shawn Frank

I have recently begun to question a lot of the ethical validity behind many of my latest decision making. I am hoping to make a life turn around, in which I can start to call myself a respectable citizen, but I frankly don't want to.
I like pissing in peoples laundry rooms and fucking their sisters. I enjoy running over garbage cans and egging houses. A great swell of pride bubbles up in my throat each and every time I masturbate to an image of my friends girlfriend, as I scream out her name in ecstasy I feel as if I know why I was meant to be on this earth.
Some may call me a bad person, you can say I'm selfish or evil, or frankly a douchebag... but we only live life once. I do admit that sometimes I feel bad for some of my actions, and hey... maybe I'll even dole out an apology here and there, but until it is proven to me that there is in fact a hell, and that my terrible actions will send me there... I think I'm going to keep on doing what I do.
Bring on the Jack Daniels and Vicodin! Throw away the condoms and let it rain in drunken broads. This is my first post of many to come: enjoy.

P.S. I hate Guidos more than anything or anyone on the planet (yes, even Nazi's)