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April 20, 2015

I really just wanna watch the simpsons now so I'm doing this quickly.

Alright apologizes to all recapheads in advance—I’m doing this based on solely on memory so that I can fully enjoy watching the episode later today with the knowledge that my work is already done. I’m not gonna be able to really relax and settle into this episode if I have work hanging over my head. I’ve seen this episode plenty of times though. I got this:

BumbumbumbumBUMbumbumbumCHALKBOARD GAG I DON’T HAVE POWER OF ATTORNY bumbumBUMbum Lisa playing sax, Marge sending Maggie through the checkout counter, Homer throwing a carbon rode that Bart hits with his skateboard past Marge who beeps pulls into driveway almost hits Homer they run to the couch but keep running through several frames of film LA LALA LA LALALALA!!

Julia is frustrated with the rest of the Simpsons family. Haha imagine if I was like “I know Simpsons so well!” and then immediately referred to the mom as “Julia”. I’m kidding. I know her name is Marge.

Marge is mad cause the house is falling apart and she’s like, “I want to throw a dinner party” and starts cleaning the place like mad. She puts the toilet seats in the dishwasher and gives the ham way too many coatings of glaze.

Everyone comes over and it’s immediately apart that Kirk and Luann are having problems. They make really uncomfortable comments during dinner and Homer tells them they need a little cartoon called “Love Is”. It’s about two naked kids who are married. Things REALLY heat up when they’re playing Win Lose or Draw and Milhouse’ parents are NOT on the same page. Marge tries to break the tension by having Lisa sing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” which doesn’t work. Luann announces in front of everyone she wants a divorce. Kirk is caught off guard but pretends he’s cool with it. “IT’S A DOOR! USE IT!”

Milhouse is enjoying having both parents try to buy his love. Like when he’s riding his big wheel all around the house, his mom’s like “Are you sure you wanna do that inside?” and he’s like “YES!” and she’s cool with it. “Alright! Mommy loves you.” It’s around this time someone shoots Mr. Burns.

KIDDING! DIFFERENT EP! Homer comes over to see Kirk’s new apartment. I’m starting to REALLY get excited to watch this episode so I’m gonna race through this next part: “I sleep in a big bed with my wife” / “Well thanks for introducing me” / “Go ahead. Laugh at me.” / “I just did”.

Marge is helping Luann pack her things. ♫ I love the nightlife, I’ve got to boogy ♫. “Forget everything you knew about Luann Van Houten.“ “Actually I don’t know that much about you.” She’s fucking one of the American Gladiators and Bart is allowed to break a chair over his back. Homer thinks Marge wants a divorce so divorces her and then they immediately remarry. Kirk tries to get back with his girl but it doesn’t work. I’m sorry I’m glossing over so much of the ep but remembering all this shit has got me pumped to really watch it:

A final key moment:
“Can I have the keys lover? I wanna change wigs.”