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Published October 12, 2011
Do you love Beef Stroganoff?  I do.I am hoping to get Los Angeles Beef Stroganoff fans together…so we can talk about our favorite treat. MEAT-INGS will be conducted as follows: THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES This portion will be dedicated to sharing fond memories of eating and/or cooking Beef Stroganoff. THE GREAT DEBATE Which box mix is the best?  Do you prefer Annie’s (the healthy choice) or Hamburger Helper (my personal favorite)?  And are box mixes even an acceptable substitute for the good old-fashioned made from scratch? Hey, speaking of made from scratch, that reminds me of our final portion of the   meat-ing… MMMM…THIS IS GOOD, COULD I GET THE RECIPIE? This time will be set aside for a recipe exchange. I will also be holding elections for higher-up positions. President- I am the president, because I am the founder. Vice President- You will be my right hand man. Serious applicants only please. Secretary/Historian- You will be in charge of the minutes of our meat-ings, you must be good at time management.  People who are having fun can get carried away. You must be able to help us stay on track so that we dedicate the allotted amount of time to each portion of the meat-ing.  Treasurer- I think this position speaks for it self. Please reply to the posted email if you have questions, if you would like to join, or if you would like to nominate yourself/somebody else for one of the offices listed above (except president).