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March 16, 2010


ello i write this for the second time as the other half is good as messing the 1 thing i need up .Anyhoo as some of you may have noticed i have a couple of new vids up so watch them and tell us what you think .

generall life wee i still work at the same shithole

i am still with sj and my god i still love her 


there is 1 thing FUCKING CHRISTMAS

why o why does an aethiest like me want to celebrate commercialised ,degrading and expensive holiday .It takes  2 months of my life evry year and turns it into this green red and gold, mariah carey playing ,constantly shopping hell with some of the most arrogent and ignorant people in the planet .
Christmas just seems to change people into these 'things' that in no way act, talk or walk like rael people they seem to turn into robots and i just cant understand all of it .

And i feel compelld to do the same and buy people i dont particullary count as friends or familly (even though they mite be familly) and spend all this money that id rather pay the bills with .

dont think of me as selfish and self centered but to me unless you are a christian or paegon (bad spelling) you have no need to celebrate christmas or yule as these seemed to be malgamated into the same (i dont mean to offend any1 here  as i knw my missus will have a go at me for that sentence).

If we hadnt been broght up in the western world we migfht not even know what this holiday is and we would learn to live without it and i rekon wed all be happier and not in as much debt.

Right im going to stop b4 i get killed but an outraged christain group till next time goodnbye