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Published August 01, 2010
Once Upon A Time In a place I would love to live. Called Bacon World where every thing was made with bacon the chairs, the tables, the potatos and the icecream.
One day Goldy Bacon Peices was waling into raning bacon forest (mmm) where no one would ever live (besides me). But instead of there bacon being raw this bacon was lightly toasted (even better) So Goldy Bacon Peices Was walking down the trail by wear her great great great grandmother live her name was red brownish bacon hood she was coming to give her a bacon pie. When she cam accross three little pigs thoose were very rare to find in bacon world. There names were porkers bacon (of course) and apple. Goldy Bacon Pecies was astounded (wOaH). She could believe her eyes. She pulled out her fork (every one carrys forks in there pockets), and screamed YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Then the whole bacon world exploded! Thats why it was never heard of again. Luckly all that delishous raw bacon got lightly toasted and fell right over earth. So (most) everyone lived happily ever after THE END!