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October 24, 2008


Proposition K- Vote Yea!

Jim McPartland


God Love San Francisco.

Connecticut courts just ruled same sex marriage legal, making it the 3rd state to do so behind California and Massachusetts.

Not to be outdone, San Franciscans are going to the polls to approve Proposition K which would “forbid local authorities from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone from selling sex”.

The scenario is much like the Ron Howard film Night Shift, where Henry Winkler and a young Michael Keaton became love brokers forming unions with the Ladies of the Night, complete with health benefits and 401 K’s.

Prostitutes assert they will not be at the beckon call of pimps who suposedly protect them. Proponents say it will drive up the forced sex trade by making it difficult to investigate massage parlors staffed by illegal immigrants who are hooked on drugs and forced into what amounts to indentured slavery.

Brothels are legal in Nevada. I’ll never forget seeing a menu that someone brought back from a place called ‘The Chicken Ranch’ which included ala carte and Ruby Tuesday like ‘combos’, complete with ‘gratuity not included’.


I love the definitions- there can be no debate as to what one is paying for, although I do wonder what the ‘generally leads to a man climaxing’ means. I guess if you have a bad day, there are no refunds.

I’m surprised to find out Rhode Island permits the sale of sex behind closed doors between consenting adults. Road trip!

The story does not include the penalties, if any, for the buyers. Will prostitutes in SF become card carrying Teamsters to identify themselves? Will they be allowed to file grievances through the union if a scab appears on their turf? Become free agents if their manager fails to negotiate consistently good deals?

This will be another interesting side note to keep tabs on election night.

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