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January 13, 2011

2011’s Most Nominated Picture is not “The Social Network,” “The King’s Speech” or even “The Fighter.” In fact, it’s a broad comedy called: “Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone.”

Los Angeles, California – January 11, 2011 – “Scouts Honor” is a movie about an epic struggle between good and evil with potentially earth shattering consequences for all those involved…which take place at a Tiger Scout camp. 

Scouts Honor - For Your Consideration Promo

Former SNL funnyman Chris Kattan is getting some serious, serious buzz around town from the 22 nominations he’s received for his portrayal of the diabolical brother ‘Brandon’ in “Scouts Honor.”  Not surprisingly, all his nominations have been for ‘Most Insane Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role’.  When approached for comment, Kattan merely said, “Get out of my face!!”

 Comic legend Fred Willard has also racked up 19 noms for ‘Most Hilarious Sidekick Performance by an Actor in a Moronic Ensemble’ for his turn as the ‘Gamemaster’.  That is almost double the nominations he received for his mesmerizing role in the Will Ferrell comedy Anchorman.  Many critics have called this performance the pinnacle of his storied career and the one that will leave its indelible mark on film history.

Rounding out the juggernaut run for this year’s Cinderella story, are the 59 nominations for ‘Dumbest Comedy of All Time’, including several awards from countries that are impossible to find on a map, with names that can only be pronounced with a stammer like the one used by a previous King of England.

On awards night across this great land, there will be many stars shining, but none that have the potential to shine as bright as this brilliant comedy masterpiece.

Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone releases on DVD January 25, 2011 by Level 33 Entertainment. 

The cast includes David Leo Schultz, BJ Bales, Electra Avellan, Matthew Funk, Eric Allard, Kip King, Chris Kattan and Fred Willard.

*See a clip of Chris Kattan’s haunting performance here: http://bit.ly/ChrisKattanClip