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March 12, 2009


Sagittarius  97?
Sagittarius nature Variable love, since time immemorial is notorious constellation, he is always in the pursuit of new love. If you allow him to pursue you Forever, that is, to prevent him Variable love of know-how.

Gemini  95%
Gemini can be said that the boys are the type of Variable love the most, he has always used the Games to face the world's attitude of love. He also will use flowery language to coax a girl, so special attention should be paid.

Pisces  94%
Pisces is not Variable love, but tend to lie with the hing and cease to be faithful. He would not refuse others, and do not want to let others disappointed, so you have at any time with him watch out for.

Aquarius  90%
Aquarius boy hearts like kissing hello and as usual, just like a Man Italian personality. He absolutely would not seriously love, love will not be bogged down in quagmire.

Libra 85%
Libra boy has a strong tendency to enjoy the pleasures of love, he will not miss any opportunity to his advantage, so he secretly likes men and women engaged in relations can be described as the first master flirt.

Aries 78%
Aries boys liked the feeling of love, "The best is own lover" is the best portrayal of him! Him to seize the hearts of the most important thing is to grasp the Here And Faraway attitude.

Leonid 69%
Leo is basically the type of emotional, although he would not have Variable love acts, but if other girls are a good impression on him that would be another matter.

Cancer 55%
Even though there might be with other girls, the development of a new romance, he would strive to maintain with his girlfriend the relationship between both, so little love Do not worry he will not be exclusively the case happened.
Capricorn 45%
Capricorn boy in the face of love, the absolute need not worry about the love he will not be exclusively the case happened but when he tired, vexed to be careful when he might become the heart.

Taurus 43%

Love need not worry about the Taurus will not single-minded, very strong because of his possessive, he will worry about you be inconstant, but also one of hope that there is more than sitting on the type of lover.

Virgo 33%

Virgo is cleanliness, and were disgusted with him any breach of regulations or ethical behavior, if he will not ask you to Variable love make a commitment, then he would abide by that commitment.

Scorpio 33%

Scorpio love is not unlikely that post-secondary. Unless you take the initiative are to leave him, or some special situation, he will never be loyal to you do not. If so, it means that the Variable love for him is sincere.