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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
I really hate to say it guys but we know its damn ture. An that is the fact that a woman in this day & age doesn't need man in her life anymore. An this is why my friends. As in they work nowadays   and the fact that there are double sided dilos that spin, strap-ons, Jack rabbits & what ever wild shit that is out there that i don't know about yet. So what about kids you might Ask? Well a 2014 woman can freeze there eggs untell they find a sperm donater chart that fits there like or hell they can have kids by good old adoption route. So really when it come down to it all the only thing  these women need from men is there seamem. Because you know that a man can not match the emotional connection of two dikes i know it's a very sad thing to say. But if your a lucky man mybe one day you well meet a Bi chick with a super f*cking slammin ass, that has a very super hot  and so sexy GF with a PHAT ass that you can also f*ck for a living. An all they want to do is bang none stop because there both sex addicts. But until then keep your head playerz and  the cream dreams alive !  sidenote: Since women don't need men anymore, i just stick to f*cking the junkie hookers and stripers in my area over and over again like a sad little man that i am yo.  PEACE ONE LOVE ONE LiFE DA BULLROG LOVES YOU ALL. P.S Thank you God for keeping me STD free and hard drug free.  BiG UPS !