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Published: January 31, 2014
Description: Whether you are looking for a stunning decoration for the house, or you need something to brighten up your workplace a little, fish art is a great beautification for your area. Not only do the colors add to absolutely any area of the home, the vibrant shapes take a drab, unexciting wall and convert the space into an eye catcher. Beautifying your home with bright marine prints will have your friends talking about just how gorgeous your house truly is!

If you are looking for a lovely decoration for the house, or you require something to brighten up your office a bit, fish art is a great beautification for your area. Not only do the colors add to absolutely any room of the house, but the vivid creations take a plain, uninteresting wall and convert any space into an eye catcher. Adorning your own home with colorful marine prints should have your buddies preaching about just how beautiful your home truly is!

About the Painter

Mike Savlen is undoubtedly an experienced outdoors type who has always aspired to express the passion that burns so deeply within him. His fisherman side is brought forth with the beautiful fly fishing prints he produces, and his inspired style evolves with his passion for the outdoors. He concentrates on the contemporary, producing elegance and color from everyday mediums, and the attention grabbing painting style continues to be collected in private collections and work environments as well.

Savlen's art work continues to be featured in magazines such as Marlin Magazine, GAFF Magazine and Fly Rod & Reel, picking up more than a few raving reviews.

Diverse types of Fly fishing Art

On his own internet site, Savlen features imaginative artwork ranging from lively marine motifs to close-up flyfishing prints. He currently offers you beautiful original prints, small daily paintings, limited edition prints, Giclee prints on canvas and paper and porcelain tile art for sale, ensuring that aficionados of fish art have a large choice of diverse pieces to decide on. With the well-defined contrasts incorporated into his contemporary paintings, you are going to be challenged to ever locate a monotonous note contained in the entirety of his work. Although his personal fine art approach can be quite distinctive from other people that create fish and aquatic fine art, he's never had a displeased purchaser in his many years of painting, and his study works of art are ever-growing and adjusting as his style progresses. As opposed to attempting to demean his painting by squeezing it towards a cookie-cutter type approach, Savlen seems to have always let his passion surge to the canvas and into every piece of his art work. This makes for an incredibly one-of-a-kind form of artistry, and allows each and every one of his paintings to incorporate a distinct perspective of the passion that thrives in him.

To take a look at some of the scores of diverse artworks that Savlen has made, go to www.savlenstudios.com now and prepare yourself to be amazed!

Fish Art