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January 11, 2010


Internal Monologue Required Contest #6

What could she be enjoying with such a giant laser owning villan-like intensity?

15. My agent is full of shit. This gig will kill my career!
14. Pitchmen My ass I'm going to pitchbitch this snuggie and Ron Popeil can kiss my Vagi-ass.
13. I can't believe eHarmony never got back to me.
12. There's a man under her snuggie,we just cant see him.
11. I'm getting paid for this! All the idiots making fun of me relize deep down that I'm making money and they're not! I got this gig cause my smile is the most vacuous--suck on that!
10. "The side effects of Yaz aren't so bad."
9. "why didn't they get Maria to design their snuggie, I would look like one of those Von Trapp kids!"
8. Sharon clicked to her own image staring back at her and realized she must be sharon it with somebody else after all.
-ian Renga
7. "This snuggie smells awful. I need to stop wiping my fingers on it after watching porn."
6. ( “Thank God they’ve finally improved the technology for focusing my farts up my nose.” )
5. You are seeing me seeing myself on TV wearing something that has been seen on TV, including myself. The TV I see is not being seen, so that one actually has not been seen on TV, although I see it & it is in fact a TV.-trident
4. "I don't know why getting fleeced makes me smile...it just does."
3. What happens under my Snuggie stays under my Snuggie."
2. Pocket Fisherman you say?"
1. "You know, it's been 9 frickin' years....& I STILL can't...well, I just can't believe it's not butter."