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January 22, 2016

The first time you upload anything, you will need a channel.

If you just created your Funny Or Die account and you want to upload something, you might see something like this:

new_channel_message copy.png

This ‘Guides’ channel is all about this. But here is the bare minimum that you need to do to get started.

Getting started on a channel

channel_name_and_URL copy.png

- Channel Name: If you are a person or group, you will usually put that here. Unlike your username, this will be your public identity.
- Channel URL: Most people want this to be the same as their channel name. So for example, Will Ferrell is /willferrell, Adam MkKay is /adam_mckay, and so on. But if that URL is unavailable, be prepared to have a back-up name.

Important: Changing URLs on the internet is a very bad thing to do for many technical reasons. Therefore, we only allow you to do it once; so please think this one through.

Don’t forget to click ‘Create Channel’ after you have done this!

Most people will also want to put their profile and cover photo on their channel page. To find out more about this, go here:

Upload and Optimize Profile Photo
Upload and Optimize Cover Photo