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November 04, 2009


    This isn't really a blog as much as it is an inquiry about your thoughts on an idea I've got.I have been thinking about doing a roast on a fellow FoD member,but only if they are willing to be Roasted.This is not for the thin skinned and I would never put someone on the spot .I would start off by accepting nominations,the person with the most votes will receive an invitation to receive the prestigious honor of being torn to shreds.I can think of several members who would fit the profile for this event.Obviously we are roasting this individual because they have character and the same love of comedy we all do.If I receive a positive response on this blog post I will get this thing rolling right away.Now if this has been done or is being done let me know,also if you have any comments or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.I think this could be awesome,just so long as the Roasted ones don't take themselves too seriously. This would not be a daily thing,maybe monthly or quarterly?Nominations can be posted directly to this blog, or to my inbox.If you choose to keep your vote secret and vote in the inbox please validate your vote in lizardladyfla's inbox as well as mine ,this is a precaution I've taken to alleviate doubts about the validity of the judging of nominees ,it all hinges on your decision.  I will accept votes for one week ,voting will end on Nov. 11,after the votes are tallied we will invite the winner to a Roast and if they decline we will move on to the second most voted and so on.       Thanks for your time ,Orion