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May 11, 2009


bluuurghh sneezing more than Paris with pubes up her nose =/ haaah HAYFEVER OR SWINE FLU?!??! i chose swine flu... close down my college and i fancy a nice bowl of ASDA own chicken soup =D and personaly i know a few people i can just SPLUTTER on, they can suck suck my snot haha... college sucks -.- WHY am i doing a web course... i dont even like the internet, nothing against the internet i'm 18 i'm bitter about everything... =P i need MORE red dwarf, i cant keep watching the saaame episodes over and over i'm not complaining though the commentary never gets old =D i AM that sado that watches EVERYTHING on the DVD's =D oooooo i do fancy a nice cup of teaa mmmm lovley haha ooooooh dear its sunny out -.- i wouldnt mind but i burn like a little piggy at a pub BBQ ohhh and the nosebleeds and the headaches and the DAMN hayfever haaah merrrrrrrr....