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November 06, 2008


ok its rant time again. todays topic:
things that are starting to really piss me off.
1. grizwalds.
tourons, grockles spores. call em what you will. they are for the most part assholes. look i realize you have a shitty job and a shitty life and a wife that drives you crazy all year long so its nice to get away from it all. Well heres a clue fucktard leave the wife at home, she aint gonna get any nicer after spending 4 days in a car with your sorry ass. So don't take it out on me. I don't give  a flying fuck if the traffic is too bad, you came to a busy resort town on a busy weekend. get a clue. and speaking of traffic, fucktard it probably wouldn't be so damn bad if you looked where you were going instead of trying to stand up and drive your rentawreck so you can get a better look at the fucking lake. I don't know how they drive in mooseturd indiana, but here we like to look where we are going. and last but not least. I don't know maybe you have a job where you take allot of shit all year long and look forward to taking your little holiday someplace and making people pay for the fact that you were an underachiever in life and ended up with your pathetic shitty little job and your mean ass wife ( who im betting was probably a very nice well adjusted womean before she had to live with your non nose hair trimming, sweaty pitstained take off the fucking belt phone for the love of god your on vacation  you asshole )and quite frankly ugly bratty little kids.But don't try to take it out on me.  I'm greedy i want your money, but not at the expense of my dignity. so politeness is returned with politeness, but you give me attitude, your walking out of my store with my size 12 foot up your size 50 ass.( probably to the applause of your bitchy  wife).
2. spam.
 It's was bad enough when I was getting 85 e-mail a day telling me what lottery I have just won for the 17th time. ( I'm just that lucky what can I say). I didn't really have an issue with getting laid in my town tonight by hot sexy girls near me. viagra. love it!! helping you smuggle your dead husbands  millions out of zimbabwe hey no prob. glad to help. but now i'm getting all this shit on my instant messenger. my cell phone and i'm pretty sure some dickhead yelled at me this morning as I was driving by that he could add inches to my penis. ( i really need to drive a different way to work). come on people does this shit actually work? are people sending you money to buy your bogus shit or just to get you to stop bugging them. Get a real job ferfucksake and quit clogging up my porn addy with useless shit. where do these people come from? i'm a pretty well traveled man. i get around quite a bit,but i have never run into anyone whose said their job title is spammer.does it pay well? ( and for the love of god if you do get a vacation from your obviously shitty spam job don't come to tahoe).
theres a few more but unfortunately i have to go now and put on my i don't really want to stomp on your tiny pinheaded little grizwald family face and go make a living.