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March 19, 2009


First, you'll laugh at this photo, then you'll feel guilty for laughing, then you'll be mad at me for making you feel guilty, then you'll say 'fuck it' and laugh some more.

For more caption fun, check in with Phukuhp, whose last contest's number of entries surpassed those on FOD's mainpage'. And don't forget to vote in Westsideslant's March Madness, especially not today!

LeatherShorts writes:

Thanks to LLF and to Jason. You rock.
Shizer! Seriously, you guys are making this really tough to judge! Well done everyone!

HM to buttermilk and MacSpruce!

Bronze goes to Phukuhp:
statutory rape
four felonies all in one
hope your cell mate's easy

Count on Dave to take it to the next level even if he did stretch that last line one too many syllables!

Tie for Silver goes to jimbobalouie:
Let's rub a dub dub
More fun in the Jacuzzi
Without rubber ducks

You can just see Jimbo peeking in through the blinds!

and to jessicaligula:
Oh, you silly kids
Get out of there and get dressed
Time to go to church

What a spin! Jessica, are you saying this is almost heaven, West Virginia?

And the Winner and Pantalones del Fuego Award goes to:
Mike McHuman:
Las Se├▒oritas
Lavan con mi hermano
El est├║pido

A great haiku with some salsa!