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February 12, 2016

Check out all of the top content that you missed on the internet this week.

Is your Super Bowl hangover just lifting? Beyoncé rock you too hard? Coldplay rock you too soft? Bruno Mars rock you somewhere in between? Well here’s a nice roundup of all the Top Content On The Internet This Week that you missed. Wait, woah! It’s all from Funny or Die. That’s crazy!

Funny Or Die Unearths A Lost Donald Trump ’80s Movie

Let’s put our differences aside and focus on the most important thing about Trump- his sweet socks.

The White Feminist Guide To Making Beyoncé’s “Formation” Video About You

Beyoncé releases a new video, White women confuse it for Bat-Signal to write think pieces.

Ge7LaTKgSZ6sKu1ir40S_beyonce head.jpg

Valentine’s Day Singing Telegrams with Brittany Snow

Never forget that Brittany Snow is a really good singer. Remember Hairspray? We do.

C'mon Senator Rick Jones, You Know You Love Blow Jobs

Blow hard Rick Jones to stop people from blowing, has clearly never been blown hard.

4arUeqexTRSjHsGMaQdG_mich head.jpg

7 Other Backwards Things Feminist Icons Have Said About Women Who Don’t Support Hillary

#Fresh #Memes for #Woke #Youths

Qd6wtr2zT6qc9ja8IlvV_6-don't know.jpg

Swimsuit Issue: Climate Change Edition

Hot women telling you the world is getting hotter.

Just Released: MORE Kanye West Tracklists

Tired of the wait? Here are some tracklists written by the lyrical wordsmith himself.


21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week

Mistakes being made, people getting hurt, watch the 21 Best GIFs we collected for this week!