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January 27, 2011

Things that happen to my friend Jeramy. He's a woozer.

jeramy was the last of the woozers which also made him the most flamboyant .he wore the most extravagant clothing and really big hats too.one day in the city he sawed a horse in half and sold it to the queen of latvia.she was pleased with his work and sent him her magic wishing egg to borrow for a month of sundays.when jeramy recieved it he made a little shelf to put it on while he thought what his first wish would be.i know thought jeramy i'll wish for a big marrow for my dinner, so he did.but sadly the egg was Dyslectic and thought he wanted autisim, so it gave him that instead.apon realising jeramy was now autistic nevill jeramys boss from the boat yard took him out back and touched him up a bit before stealing his magic wishing egg.he took the egg to pervy toms perv emporium and made a wish to see toms elbows wearing two identical yet individual dresses.but once again the egg got it wrong and turned nevill into a 50 by 50 metre area designed for dressarge to be performed on.pervey tom took the egg and went to the cattle market to perv.when he got there he could not see over the crowed so he made a wish to be big enough to see everything.but the egg thought he said he wanted to put a badger through six colanders and then lick them.before he new it he was licking badger, it was horrible.but luckerly for nevill and tom the king of latvia came along and sorted out all the trouble his wife had made.but sadly for jeramy his autisim had spread and turned in to deadly polish thrush and he died in a way suiting the itcy spastic he had become.