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August 07, 2008


I bought a new Expedition today,and with just a small release of cognitive dissonance, I love it. Hit the market just right,got it from a dealership my parents have bought several cars from, and being a big gas guzzeling S.U.V. that has sat on thier lot for awhile, got the deal of a life time. Fully loaded, even some things on it I never would have bought for my self, but to get the things I wanted, they gave me more to take a vehicle from thier stock. But to come to the real point I want to discuss,  it wasn't as much fun as I expected. Not talking about the car, but the give and take of the deal.

I have only purchased five brand new cars in my lifetime. The first when I graduated from highschool, three for my first wife, and this one. I was lucky enough in my careers to be in the position to have new company cars, but i just told the accounts what I wanted and in a day or two it would show up. Plus, Iv'e had the priviledge to own a few collectables.But this about buying a new car.

My first new car was the best,for my graduation. the night befor i started to highschool, in Knoxville,Tennessee it was a three year 10th through 12th grades deal. My father sat me down and said,"Dave, if you make good enough grades to get into U.T. and you dont smoke while your in highschool, I'll buy you any car you want." So I did, and I didnt.True to his word about a month befor my graduation he came to me and said "you kept up your end of the bargin, so you go and find you the car you want,and when you do let me know and we'll go get it."then he told me that I had $3000.00 to deal with, tax and liscense off the lot.

In 1970 that was a lot of money. I spent an enjoyable week looking at just about every sports car you can imagine. I drove chevy's, G.T.O.s, Firebirds, Cougars, Roadrunners,CRX, Olds 442 you name I looked at it. I finally settled on a Chevy SS, orange with white stripes since I was going to Big Orange and I wanted to style. Told my Pop I found what I wanted and next night we went down to the dealership to make the deal.

I didn't realize that buying me this car was as much a big deal to Pop as it was to me. For the first time I saw how proud he was, me being the first person in his family to attend college, and he and Mom were having as much fun as I was. He wass happy with the choice I made and by staying in his budget, there was enough money left over to pay most of my first years insurance, which he made up the rest.

Then ,as fate would have it, something interesting happened, while we were waiting for the manager ( a friend of my Dads) to come and close the deal, they started to change out the showroom cars and they brought in a Camero Ralley Sport, gold with white leather interior. It even had one of those new fangled 8 track players in it. A 454 with Holleys, dual exhaust, air, oversized tires, and the incredible gas milage of 8 mpg. A glazed look came over my face as I walked over and looked at the sticker, $3600.00. My parents came over and looked and my Dad simple said thats some car but i cant go that much. I hadn't expected him to, I was more than happy with my choice, until I heard my Mom say, "OH I like that". Here I have to create a small sidebar, my mother has never wanted for a thing that my Dad didn't get her. Dad said Mom thats more than I told Dave we would spend. Mom says, well how many times does he graduate from highschool and head off to college. Hell I wasn't even in the conversation, nor had I given any indication that I would like that car except for the slobber running off my chin.

I looked over at Pop and all he said was get in and see how you like it. I got in the drivers side and Mom got in the passanger and she started pointing out all the pretty stuff. I looked up for my Dad but he had moved over to the other side of the show room. I could tell from his face that Mom was taking away his fun and glory. Then I heard him say "Dave, befor you decide come over here and look at this one." Not to be out done the ol man was standing next to a Corvette convertable. I Immediately quite drooling and started shitting, until I walked over got in and my feet were to big to go between the petals, and with the buckett sests it was hard to close the door. I was 6'9" and 265 then. I saw the relief come across his eyes cause in his mind he just saved face. 

My father is a negotiator, he never buys anything even on credit that he dosent have the money for whatever it is.so now its his turn. For the next hour he and his buddy had a dandy time going at each other. Dad was shinning because he was getting a better car and his friend was extatic that he was going to sell a more expensive car. They went back and fourth for awhile and they got down to $3150. out the door. His friend said no, 3150 was the best he could do, and the only reason he got there was because there was no salesman commission. Dad  said 3100 out the door and he would write a check. His bud said no. So Dad says well thats my offer, so let him know and out the door we went.

What the hell, when we walked in I was assured of driving out with the SS, then I was sitting in the Ralley Sport, and now im riding home in the back seat of the family Olds. Dad kept assuring me that he would call and make the deal, it's only $50.00. Saturday, Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed rolls by and no call. Dad it's only $50.00  after five days dont you think he would have called. Dad goes, he will.

Next day I drive over to the dealership and ask the guy, you gonna call back to do the deal with dad? No was what he said. So I said it's going to be my car and Im stuck between you and my stubborn dad. He said Im happy to deal ,but at 3150 not 3100. So being an enterprising young man I asked if I gave him the 50 bucks would he have to tell my dad. He thought a minute and said you got it on you, and I said I just have to walk across the street to the bank. I did, and that night when Dad came home from work he has this shit eating grin on his face and announces that the dealership had called and took his deal. I guess I'm a pretty good actor cause he was happy I was so excited. Next day i was in my Camero. I do have to tell one more aspect of this story. Twenty three years later my Pop and I had one of those heart to hearts and asked the why did you do this and I did this because talks. Turned out a lot of things that had us pissed off at each other had just been missunderstandings. Now were laughing and reminiscing and he brought up the Camero thing.  stopped him and told him this story hoping it would amuse him cause it has always been one of my favorite stories. A total look of dejection came across his face. When I asked him what was wrong he told me that it was one of his favorite stories too, but he told it as the best deal he had ever made.

The three cars with my ex weren't very exceptional, except being epileptic, if we weren't getting the deal we wanted she would start spittin and spasm'n and rolling on the floor until she got what she wanted.

Now we come to the point of this mega-blog. New school vs. old school. I went on the web, figgured out what I could afford with the options I wanted. Called the dealer ship, told them what I wanted and what kinda deal I could get. They picked the ones that would fit the bill, gave me a price. I countered, they countered and after five or six phone calls we made the deal. told them i would be there after three today and when I got there, signed a paper, wrote a check and drove away.

No wonder we dont interact well with each other any more. The internet has made us a bunch of miss trusting, less than honest, fear ridden people. We meet, buy, sale, transact most of our every day business on the web. there is no longer any persnal interaction until the final stages of a situation. Then folks wonder why things dont work out the way they expect.

Ahhhh, what the Hell, it was still a good day. Got a new car, a picture i took was used for the caption contest, came up with some decent caps... and decided to go back to work and took a job at one of my favorite bait shops...Not bad for an old fart.