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April 08, 2018

A step-by-step guide on how to ask your crush to prom by using tips and tricks from HBO's True Detective.

5 Promposal Ideas Inspired By HBO’s True Detective

With all the anticipation towards its third season, it’s important to keep this iconic anthology series fresh in people’s minds.

1. Invitation via Cigarettes

It’s overdone to use lit candles in one’s prom proposal, but what about lit cigarettes? Channel your inner Rust Cohle and set up a bunch of Camel Blue cigarettes in that special someone’s driveway to spell out the word “Prom”. The cigarettes may burn quickly, but the flames of desire will never go out.

2. Philosophy + Cars = Prom

First, you have to purchase a Cadillac CTS-V Sedan. Next, offer to give your crush a ride to school. Start with small talk, and then pivot into a soliloquy about nihilism. It may feel like you’re droning on and on, but commit to your performance. After you’ve peppered in your thoughts on the missteps of evolution, pop the question! Your monotonous ruminations will contrast nicely with your sudden promposal.

3. Turn Your Backyard into a Giant Labyrinth

Set up clues for your significant other that eventually will lead him/her to the gigantic labyrinth you have built in your backyard. You want to make sure it’s personalized, so place stick figures that look like your SO throughout different spots in the maze. When they reach the center, reveal yourself and your intentions of taking them to prom. After all, why go to paradise when you and your loved one can be in Carcosa?

4. Take a Clue From Season Two

Everyone loves to be serenaded with a song, so take your promposal to the next level by taking inspiration from True Detective’s opening credits from season two. Don’t play guitar? No problem! Are you not a great singer? No worries! All you need are some ambient sounds and a husky voice to make your crush swoon.
*Bonus: Make a slideshow with pictures of you, your crush, and some random pictures of your hometown to play on loop behind you as you talk through your tune.

5. If All Else Fails, Get Colin Farrell in On It.

If you’re not feeling confident about asking that special someone to prom, then put all your effort into getting Irish actor Colin Farrell to participate in your proposal. That’s really your best bet.

Any of these promposal ideas inspired by True Detective are sure to catch the attention of your crush. And if you don’t win Prom King, don’t fret! You can always be the Yellow King.