Just a short while after Parks and Recreation aired its series finale on Tuesday, the whole main cast showed up on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about it, maybe making it a softer blow if, perhaps, you are very sad that a show this nice and funny ended and you just want see the cast together a little bit longer before it’s fully over!

In case you weren’t already crying by the last few minutes of this seven-season-long perfect sitcom, maybe you’ll tear up a bit at the cast signing off from Late Night, with a performance of “5,0000 Candles in the Wind” and a surprise make-out sesh between two characters that I’m sure everyone’s been begging to see get together.

In addition to their performance of the Lil’ Sebastian tribute song, the cast tried out another number, this one suggested by Amy Poehler to celebrate her friend Seth’s anniversary hosting Late Night. After that peters out, everyone talks about getting emotional while writing and shooting the Parks finale.

Finally, this appearance on Late Night gave us a glimpse at how the show might have ended had Chris Pratt been in charge: