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March 28, 2018

Most geeks, if not all, are in love with sci-fi movies. But with every passing superhero movie being released, many of them are losing interest

Hollywood has in the recent years gone into a Sci-Fi production frenzy. Almost all movies and series produced are categorized as Sci-fi. It is almost as though Hollywood is obsessed with Sci-Fi. Well, not exactly obsessed, but you get the point – it feels like it is too much.

Is there a reason behind their sudden ‘obsession’? Surprisingly, there are several reasons to explain why this is so.

They can afford it

Name any Sci-Fi movie you loved and that was in theatres for a long time. Chances are that the movie had an expensive budget (more than $100 million). In all honesty, no Sci-Fi movie worth watching was cheap to make.

Hollywood has been in business for quite a long time. Over the years, they have flexed and grown their financial muscle. Today, they can afford to support insane visual effects budgets. While there are some Sci-Fi movies and series that never get to see the light of day, those that make it rake in huge profits to support the business.

Other countries and productions, courtesy of budget constraints, cannot afford this. They are as such relegated to making romantic films that have us soaking our tissues and handkerchiefs with tears.

Numerous Sci-Fi Franchises



Science Fiction is a popular genre in films, television shows, books and even video games. Today, most of the biggest movies in Hollywood and the box office are Sci-fi franchises. Sci-fi is one of the few genres that has combined a strong underground and mainstream following and audience. For this reason, sci-fi franchises, the likes of Star Trek, Doctor Who, Matrix, Avengers and The Terminator are popular.

Note that the list of these franchises is long. Owing to their popularity, they make loads of cash. Hollywood knows this and all they need to do to cash in is come up with a new storyline and they sing and dance their way to the bank.

DC and Marvel

dc marval.jpg

DC Marvel

These two have been rival superhero comic companies for the longest time. Most believe that it is their stiff competition that has transformed into the superhero comic beasts they are. A few years back, the two licensed film rights to various studios. These studios gave life to the comic characters (with a few restrictions). The motion pictures are phenomenal and irresistible.

They are always at work producing something new to feed their hungry audience.

People are in love with 3D movies

3d movies.jpg

In case you haven’t noticed, most of the 3D movies in theatres are Sci-Fi. People are in love with the 3D movie experience. It is why some not so great productions easily make $1 billion. This is such a huge sum for any company to handle right? Well, movie companies hire accounting firms, the likes of chartered accountants Worcester to handle their books.


For Hollywood, Sci-Fi movies are easy money. A simple search will reveal that most sci-fi movies easily rake in $300 million. It therefore only makes sense for Hollywood to churn out Sci-fi movies.

That said, they also produce horror, drama and thriller films