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Published: August 08, 2008
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Kid Beat Box, the man with no shame and the creator and producer of Naked Man wants new episodes. So this fall I'm doing the words and pictures for another two segments.

Last year I was the one responsible for the first effort, so if you liked that I guess you'll love what I've got planned. Begining with Naked Man's origin story, or just another excuse for him to let it all hang out. Really, he has no shame that Kid, its this or porn for him.

After that, he'll return with a new arch villian and fellow hero Crankee Frankee. Closing out the series is a big blowout featuring everyone from the first two episodes, which is being done by Episode 2's Rex Sikes.

So, if you're in Downtown Milwaukee this September, be on the look out for a fat naked guy running around in the Third Ward.

Shooting fast and loose.




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