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February 06, 2014

Some tips on how to make the Winter Olympics better






How to make the Winter Olympics better

1. Don't have them

2. Add a new event where the goal is to see who can watch the Winter Olympics the longest without going to sleep

3. NBC should just show the first part in Empire Strikes Back over and over again for 2 weeks.

4. Snowman building contests!!!!!!!!

5. Have a event where people who act like they understand curling get punched in the face.

6. Have all ice skaters dance to Ke$ha!

7. Add pro-wrestling

8. Make the targets in the biathlon Justin Bieber

9. Remind viewers what a Sochi is

10. Best gay slur wins a gold medal

11. every bobsled team has to make a Cool Runnings reference before each run

12. Replace hockey with real hockey a.k.a air hockey

13. Have a new event where teams find a dude named Waldo 

14. Have it during July and call it the Summer Olympics

15. Add a event called The Hunger Games

16. All viewers get a free t-shirt

17. Stop calling people who do the luge athletes

18. The person who comes in last place has to get a tattoo of the winner

19. Rename it Winter Sleeping Pills

20. Team up with the Winter X-Games and get their audience. So the total of people that will be watching will be 17

21. Add beer pong

22. Have a throwback team named U.S.S.R

23. Tonya Harding clubs random people's knees

24. In honor of black history month. Have a all black hockey team. It will be the first team in history to have all black and only 3 players

25. Sumo Wrestling on thin ice

26. new event: Is that a bomb?

27. Anyone who can find any highlights gets a gold medal

28. Due to have the anti-gay laws in Russia half the events are canceled....2 man luge?!

29. Losers get beheaded

30. Everyone gets gold medals!!!!! Communism rules!

31. Have the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform and to remind everyone that they are still alive

32. Add chess as a event and it would become the most exciting event there

33. Man vs wolf. The Grey style

34. Tank wars!!!!!!!!

35. Summer Olympics have fencing so the Winter Olympics should have lightsaber battles

36. A new app that allows you to watch something better on your phone

37. Tim Tebow

38. Add hangman......but with a real man!

39. Every viewer gets a free Zune

40. From 9 p.m to 10 p.m on Sundays have The Walking Dead hour

41. Have everyone just play their sport on the Wii cause it's so cold outside

42. Have a event where Bruno Mars tries to convince people that he is a man

43. They should probably add Kevin Hart cause that guy needs more tv time

44. Find the Abominable Snowman

45. Have Ethan Hawke eat people on tv in the honor of the hit movie Alive

46. Speed skating minus the skates

47. Frozen pool high diving

48. Cliff hanging (Sylvester Stallone would win the gold medal)

49. Catch the penguin!

50. New mascot Frostbite Fred

51. Running of the bulls on ice

52.  Instead of snow use cocaine

53. Ice Flopping with LeBron James

54. Hunting but with the deer hunting the man

55. Mr.Freeze vs David Freese

56. Bring back the Cold War for 3 weeks

57. Boxing!......but not the sport but more like the day

58. Add that bucket game that Bozo The Clown use to end his show with. Yo I would take a Super NES over a Gold Medal any day

59.  Casey Anthony drives a car into a lake and people see how long or if they can escape

60. See who can go the longest without laughing at one of those great Old Spice commercials (everyone will tie for first)

61. free meth

62. Winter Olympics vs The Special Olympics

63. New medal! 4th place gets a glitter medal

64. In honor of the new Robocop movie have a event where teams try to make the worst remake ever

65. play Skip-it

66. Have Vladimir Putin give his review of the hit song Same Love

67. Did I mention don't have them?


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