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Published July 08, 2014

Patriotic civilian, Mark Reilly, showed his appreciation to a U.S. Marine on Tuesday by offering him his middle seat on a flight from New York to Chicago. Reilly was flipping through a SkyMall magazine in his cramped middle seat when he noticed the man in uniform settle into the aisle seat next to him. “Had no one showed up I was planning on moving over to that seat,” the 5-foot-10 Reilly revealed. “I love the aisle! You can come and go easily and not have to climb over anyone. Not to mention the extra leg room,” he continued. According to sources on board, 15 minutes into the flight, Reilly woke the Marine up from a sound sleep and asked if he could swap seats with him. The startled Marine declined stating that he was okay where he was. Reilly, frustrated by his derailed effort to support the troops, went on to to ask, “Are you sure?” To which the Marine responded with an affirmative nod before going back to sleep. An additional source revealed that Reilly used the bathroom several times throughout the flight to spite the Marine.


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