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Published February 25, 2013

Every picture tells a story. But sometimes the story is one you’d rather not share with your loved ones. Here are 12 photos that made their way into the hands of some very ashamed parents.

1.  Now son, if I’ve taught you anything, it’s that tampons don’t belong in your mouth. Also, get a haircut.

tampon mouth


2.  Jimmy, I hope you’re going to clean that up when you regain consciousness.

Jim, don't move


3.  We’re going to the doctor right now mister.

vomit attack


4.  I told you to set the table. Not to pass out on it.

girl passed out drunk on table


5.  Jeffrey, you have plenty of room in your apartment. Stop whining.

good night moon


6.  How many times must we potty train you Samantha?

im gonna pee, like right here


7.  Well, at least she planned ahead.

passed out with trshcan


8.  Eliza, get out of there. That black bar isn’t fooling anyone.

asses in her face


9.  At least he’s well dressed.

when i pass out, i pass out in a tuxedo


10.  Like Father, like son.

fat girl smush


11.  You’re adopted.

i love the smell of urine in the morn


12.  Looks like Sarah finally found a boyfriend who shares her interests.

what is going on_


13.  Your father and I are worried you’re going to get stomach cancer.

stomach buddy


14.  I see those 12 years of gymnastics really paid off.

girl shows her cooch... kind of


15.  Tanya, stop eating lobster. You know you have a severe shellfish allergy. Do you need me to bring you your epi-pen honey?

absolutely shmammered