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September 10, 2008


The Republicans want their cake and eat to it. Using the metaphor of some strange political voodoo bulimia as a result of so-called political purging; hence eating their own regurgitation. McCain talks about change and in the words of Bill Maher, McCain is the candidate that needs to be changed. I guess, that’s a Depends adult diaper joke. Palin is getting more attention than McCain. And, the media is trying to play this PC game of you can't comment that she's a woman. The media  jumping on Bill Maher, Diddy and even Barack Obama's comment about the pig with lipstick remark. Which I thought was about the deadly republican duo and their backward political so-called ideas. Of course, the media misconstrued this unfortunately used mixed rhetorical expression as Sarah Palin. The news media ran with a lame diversion of a news story like pigs to the proverbial shit.

Sarah Palin has small minded backwards about abortion, health care and other issues just like John McCain. She referred to herself as a pit bull with lipstick in a Rodney Dangerfield-like moment in her acceptance speech. This reminds me of women who jump into the mosh pit of a Slayer or Lamb of God concert and complain when someone pushes or hit them. You can substitute your favorite Metal band; the point is it's a mosh pit. What do you expect? She said some pretty damning stuff against Obama. She came to me as a mean spirited ill-informed twister of the truth and Old Man John McCain hid behind her skirt. If the public is as dumb as the Republicans and the Media thinks we are; then we deserve everything we get. In Joseph Heller's book,Catch-22;an old Italian man asked a young American soldier if he thinks America will survive when it finally falls. The soldier is shocked thinking America will never fall. The Old Italian man states that all great societies and empires fall. Rome fell. Greece fell. Persia fell. The French fell. The British fell. The list is endless. If we have 4 more years of the same thing we had the last 8 years; that just gonna be the nails in the coffin. We might as well put a CLOSED OUT OF BUSINESS sign on the Statue of Liberty.