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March 22, 2010


    I find it amusing that people are making such a big deal out of  so called health care reform. First off the government is in the health care business, its called medicare and medicaid, and we all see what a great job they do with that. If for some strange reason you need more proof the government can't run anything , one word says it all, katrina.     
    The whole issue is hypocritical and ironic. Here we have politician's who are so dead set against their fellow americans having health care that they are willing to go to great lengths to stop this bill. Like scaring people in to thinking that the bill is going to let their grandmother die. The ironic part is that all these fat ass  politicians and their assistant's  have medical benefits paid for by, yes thats right the, taxpayer. So what is the incentive for someone who has benefits to let other people have them. Votes you say, no i say, they already have convinced their contingency that this would be their worst nightmare. What these poor misguided souls fail to realize is that these nay sayer politicians are bought and paid for by the insurance companies one of the most powerful industries in the country.So said politicians have to protect their graft. They do so by instilling fear and jumping on "tea party" band wagons. 
    Speaking of tea bagging i mean tea parties, its kind of funny to me that all these people show up to these things protesting such a basic need. I mean where were these people  when the government was passing the "patriot act," if these people don't want government in their lives this would be the bill to be against. The patriot act which was thick as the bible was past in a record three days, obviously not enough time for any of our representatives to read it throughly . The bill was of course  passed with fear being the main factor and shoved down the public's  throat  with some propaganda and more fear. Of course there was some good provisions in it, like the sharing of intel between agency's ( which blows my mind that they weren't doing that to begin with), but there are other provisions that basically trample civil liberties. These violations include, anyone who is suspected of being a terrorist can be arrested  put in jail,no phone call, no lawyer no arraignment, indefinitely. Anyone's house(this includes natural born american citizens )  can be searched without a warrant, a person's  computer and any other property can be confiscated on just suspicion of being a terrorist.If you don't believe it you can read it for yourself.
    Benjamin Franklin said "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." So every time i see these people protesting issues based on the government  getting to intrusive or being in there lives i wonder how the biggest issue of all slipped past all of us.
     As far as health care goes i would sleep better knowing sick children, elderly people and all hard working people could get the medical care they need and deserve without worrying  how they  are going to pay for it.       
     just some thoughts