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Published August 25, 2011
A Huffington Post Article from today reports that Dick Cheney's Memoir, "In My Life", he urged bush to bomb a suspected nuclear reactor in 2007. Here's some other facts leaked from the memoir.* Chapter five is just a list of the names of 99 other senators he wished he had told to fuck off.*Location of stash of Nazi gold.* Heart attacks 3, 4 were just an excuse to spend time with cute nurse in Cardiology.* The pride he felt teaching President Bush to ride a bicycle.* Was molested by Nixon when serving as a staffer for Donald Rumsfeld in 1969.* Was "totally embarrassed" when he and Pope Benedict both dressed as Emperor Palpatine for the 2007 Illuminati Halloween Party / Costume Contest.* That "it takes some serious King Kong balls" to shoot somebody in the face and have them apologize for it.*Valerie Plame's current whereabouts.*15 pages of scowling photographs.The memoir is expected to be released next week.  Buy it wherever horrible books are sold.