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October 16, 2009


I took a look in my fridge and noticed something about myself this morning which I could also validate by the contents of my cupboards. Here's what I noticed : I have marbled cheese, marbled cake, a pack of assorted deli meats, a pack of assorted yogurts and for milk I had one bag of white and one bag of chocolate left. In my freezer, I had a bag of assorted freezies and a tub of neoplotin iced cream. In my cupboard I have a tin of mixed nuts, a bag of assorted Peak Freans, a variety of juice box types AND 3 types of tinned pasta (one alphabet, one zoodle and one Simpson's characters)...does this strike anyone else as odd? I can't even manage to select a single flavor of iced cream or a flavor of cake (when I make cake, I make chocolate with vanilla/marshmallow icing) or even purchase a slab of cheese unless it's BLENDED in some way where I do NOT ever to decide if it is that I want chocolate or vanilla? Orange cheddar or white cheddar? I just get both. When I'm at work, I always buy the last bag of "Munchies" from the vending machine because (AGAIN!!), it has a little bit of everything in it. I should mention, in case anyone who works for Frito Lay is reading this, that you need to add salt and vinegar chips to your bag of Munchies to make it complete. :) So...I'm thinking that "commitment" just isn't my thing???