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April 19, 2010


first off what the hell  happened to american idol randy says the same shit everytime ellen is way to nice trying to figure out which girl she can kidnap and rape after the show in the parking lot man those blue get ya kara dioguardi or whatever wants simon so badly and her opinions of singers are so off and contradicting that when she tries to demonstrate how it is supposed to be sung she sounds worse than them!!! simon is at least honest but most cant handle it cause there pussies and there looking for compliments instead of looking for critisisim when they should realize critisisim is what makes you better comp[liments make you to cocky anyways new york is in shambles toronto is prposing a 40%tax hike in 4 years 10% a year there is no good as powder anymore the only good was recently taken off the shelf will ferrel is realeasing the other guys which is a shit name for a movie but hopefully it will be funny cause i havent pissed myself from comedy in a long time and i like doing that it feels warm and cozy in my pants except for richard simmons on whose line is it anyways that was hilarious shit what a fag hes so gay i saw rainbows but at the end of that rainbow i did not see a pot of gold i saw 2 lepricons and a chrismas elf fuckin and pukin on each other cause richard simmons is gross anyways look out for more fuckers!!!!!!!