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August 17, 2012

Tabloids are abuzz with questions about Jennifer Aniston's future wedding, including whether or not she will appear topless.

With the announcement of Jennifer Aniston’s engagement to Justin Theroux, tabloids are abuzz with questions about the wedding size, which Friends costars will show, and most of all, whether or not Aniston will appear topless.

“We thought it would happen in The Switchand then they practically guaranteed it in Horrible Bosses,” says US Weekly blogger, Marcus Potts.

“But this actually makes sense. Because she’s Greek, the wedding will be extremely long, so a little boob flash will help break up the yawn fest…think what it might’ve done for He’s Just Not Than Into You.”

Farley Grand of National Enquirer has practically guaranteed tits at the wedding, stating, “Invitees aren’t going to a movie theater because New Line loosely promised tits. These people know Jennifer. If her tits don’t come out at this wedding, even her family will be outraged.”

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