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December 29, 2017

The following is an actual exchange between myself and the esteemed people of Women Economic Venture's.

My Email to a Women’s Empowerment Group that Supports Female Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

To whom it may concern:

Hello. It’s no secret that, despite recent efforts, America is still losing jobs to foreigners, both abroad and within our own boarders. So presently, I have not had much luck finding employment. That is why I decided to let my wife try out her ideas while I am job hunting.

This is mostly her idea, but I have helped and pitched in creative and logistic corrections when necessary. I am also going to handle the money side of things, in the best interests of the business.

Without further ado, our idea, for which we would like a loan, is “Cute-ography- Maps for Her!” Another known fact is that female students at every age struggle to compete with men. This is for a great many reasons, but we want to target just one: inequality in maps.

You’re probably asking yourself how a map could be sexist, but you’re also probably a woman. So let me ask you, when was the last time you were excited to see a map? Most women would answer: never. I, on the other hand, am an avid fan of maps, and spend my free time collecting and studying them. What is the reason for this disparity? One day it hit me: maps are just not built to be aesthetically pleasing to women.

It’s easy for men to enjoy the political borders and physical features of maps, with stats on demographics and economics. However, there is just nothing on our maps that reach out and grab a woman. That’s what I want to change.

If we made maps that appealed to women, we might help them gain a better understanding of the world, other countries, and politics. We could see more female politicians, cartographers, and world travelers. By expanding maps to appeal to women, we can allow women to reap the same cartographic benefits that are currently skewed towards men.

My wife and I want to base these maps less on borders, cities, and rivers. Instead, we plan to identify areas with great shopping destinations, beautiful natural flowers, and adorable animals. Another change will be to do away with the monotonous and drab browns, greens, and pale yellows that dominate current maps. Just imagine how much more you would love to study a map that’s covered in pink and purple.

The world will always need maps, and half of the world is female. Therefore, I believe the sky is the limit for Cute-ography. I did notice on your website that you only offer loans up to $50,000. I would like to move the business quickly to a global scale, and anticipate a more appropriate initial loan of around $400,000. Perhaps we can further discuss the financial details.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.



P.S. I am also looking into a line of mathematics textbooks for Her as well, but would like to get Cute-ography up and running before starting the next project.





Thank you for your email. Please visit our website to review loan requirements and access the application for our Loan Program. You will notice that we have a $25,000 maximum for start-up ventures and $50,000 for businesses that have been in business for over a specific timeframe. Our website gives you great information at the links below and I encourage you to start with that as your first step.


Thank you,
Berenice G. Becerra
Program Assistant