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March 31, 2013

A comedy piece

He went back in time with the ghost of christmas past and saw himself as a infant, his mother smashing his face into her boob, his mouth being forced open as his mother smiled, shoving her breasts deeper into his mouth.

"We can all agree that this is fucking disgusting, can't we?" He said to the crowd, looking over his shoulder and back at them.

The crowd laughed and nodded their head, partly sympathetic and partly humored by the truth in his words.

"I mean, has this woman not heard of a fucking bottle!? Look at the savageness of her eyes!"

The crowd chuckled along with him again - some feeling more guilty than others.

"The bitch even had the guts to tell me to 'ssshhhhh' while shes forcing me to suck on her titties. What the fuck kind of tradition are these people a part of! Have they not heard the If Someone Tells You To Jump Off A Bridge line before!?"

"Baby bottles bitch. The kid just wants a damn baby bobble. Maybe some fucking apple sauce for God's sake. I'm pretty damn sure that next kid in line's "Goo Goo Ga Ga" was an exact translation of "Oh Hell Naw"

"I dont even think that shitty diaper she was cleaning up was karma enough. I mean, the kid god mouth raped. That psychopath's titty milk could have probably been classified as concealed brain-washing fluid, cuz the poor bastard isn't even going to remember a damn thing. Congrtulations men, we have successfully been mouth raped and brain washed. Welcome to Hell. Where mothers mouth rape their children and turn it into a tradition."