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February 09, 2009


Dear President Obama,
So you’re president now huh? You think that makes you exempt from getting your ankles broken on a killer crossover by me? Well then you ain’t been in Slick C’s world for long. Because if you had, you’d see that ankle breakings are a regular occurrence every day on the court for my opponents.

The only thing that might save you from me breaking your ankles might be the fact that you and your secret service goons won’t stoop so low as to play me. I know you been ducking me. I tried to get in that game on election day, but you had me arrested. I voted for you man. And now you won’t even let me get in the game?

I see you hiding behind your press secretary and that excuse that the White House doesn’t have a court yet and that you’re building one soon. I don’t need no fancy court come on down to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and step your slow tired butt onto the black top and come get some of this. I seen you playing in your ratty t-shirt and long jogging pants. You look like a chump to Slick C. And if it looks like a chump to Slick C, well then, it must be a chump.

Normally, I don’t have time to school chumps like you, but since you’re the President now I guess I gotta bring you down a few pegs. I know it’s negative fifteen outside and the wind is blowing off the bay, but I’m right here dude. Just give me a shout on the cell and make sure to bring the poet laureate so she can wax poetic while I wax your skinny butt all over the court and render your lower extremities useless. After the tendons endure severe strain from trying to keep up with my super speed crossover they will surely snap and fray from the bone when I pull up short and drop a J in your mug.

Don’t worry, there’s a hospital right nearby and they are very practiced in repairing the broken ankles of other middle aged Harvard Law grads that Slick C routinely abuses round these parts. The gauntlet has been laid Barry. Are you man enough to meet the challenge. I’ll wait by my phone ready to be the first hustler to abuse a sitting president.

Remember to stretch! 

Slick C
(Brooklyn playground legend)
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