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November 08, 2009


Someone got a little sand in his vagina!  I think poor Jaymitchell really needs a T Shirt!  He is obviously having a hard time obtaining one on his non-fake account so he got a little pissy and posted the following...

Will somebody die maryonegative.....she is the dumbest fucking poster on here and always gets good votes.....HER SHIT IS SUPER LAME.....That's cool though, because all of you stupid, dumbass bitches will defend her because "hey, she is a girl, she is cool, and there is a total chance I could lay with her someday.......Pussies!!!!

Oh poor little guy! I do post lame ass shit...and so does everyone else because its funny and I thought that was the point of the whole caption contest! So Im not sure but I think that what Jaymitchell is trying to say is that he is a fan of mine. Anyone who thinks Im "super lame" should just die me then cast a vote in Jaymitchell's direction so he can get his Tshirt and we can all go back to playing nice.  From here on out I will vote funny on every shitty half ass caption that Jaymitchell posts.  Hey maybe he cant afford clothes and genuinely needs the FOD T! I see a charity that needs my help!  And if he wins I'll even send him a box of food and $20 to go to Savers where he can get an entire wardrobe!  This poor guy just needs a little love and an ego boost so Jaymitchell I hope you win You are hilarious!