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September 12, 2011

The truth behind Cliff Burton

When he was about to die, this is what happened:
Cliff, as he is god, was going to lift that bus up with his super powerfull finger, but then god said;
God: Do NOT lift that bus!
Cliff: Why?
God: Because Me, John Bonham and Jimi Hendrix are going to form a rock band, and you are going to play the bass!
Cliff: Why me?
God: WHAT!? Don't you know you are the god of bass guitar!?
Cliff: Well emmmm ok I'll join your band.

  • Cliff was, is, and will be GOD...
  • ...Of the four strings!
  • He can destroy the world in 0.0000000000666 seconds playing a note.
  • He was Chuck Norris' Bass teacher.
  • His Heaven Band is going to play live february 31. 
  • If you listen to his bass solo in orion 666 times he will appear under your bed and teach you bass.
  • His fingers are faster than Dragonforce's guitars.
  • You will never
  • never
  • be better than him.
  • Is one of the 180 gods of rock, along with his heavenly bandmates, John Lennon, The Rev, and others.
  • He hates Newsted because he usess a pic.
  • he is god of bass!
So you NEVER mess with him, or he will fire a lightning bolt from his bass at your town and destroy it in 2 seconds!.