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September 06, 2017

Warner Bros. is developing a new origin story movie for The Joker and there are plenty of capable actors that could play the clown prince of crime but we all know that they should really just use a CGI Health Ledger

Comic book fans are buzzing over the news that Warner Bros. is developing a Joker origin film, separate from the DCEU. This means that this movie will be a stand alone story and will have nothing to do with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and November’s Justice League. This also means that WB will have to cast yet another Joker. Sorry, Jared Leto. There is an endless list of actors that would be suitable to play the Joker. However, Warner Bros. would be bat shit crazy if they didn’t just give the role to a CGI Heath Ledger.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


It has already been rumored that WB is going after DiCaprio for the role. Oh mama, would this be a get. As one of the best actors of our generation, he seems to be a perfect fit to play such a complex character. An actor like Leo would find a way to redefine the Clown Prince of Crime and potentially win an Oscar. The only thing is, does this role really have to be redefined again? Look, Leo would do great things for this character, but, we all already really liked Heath Ledger’s portrayal! He already won an Oscar. Don’t bother trying to get another brilliant actor to get in there and do their thing when what we had was already golden!

2. Jake Gyllenhaal


It’s no secret that Gyllenhaal is a prolific actor. He has pretty much mastered the art of embodying creepy characters. He seems like the obvious next man up for the job. The only thing is, Hollywood has the technology to keep the current guy, Heath Ledger, in the driver’s seat. WB could easily pull a Paul Walker in Furious 7 and CGI Heath Ledger’s face and body into this movie. Actually, it would be even smarter financially to do so. You’d cut costs by not needing to hire a stuntman, a stand in, rent a trailer, or even pay an actual actor. The studio just needs to get some computer nerds in there to type up a life-like Heath and we’re money!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.25.45 AM.png

Truly cannot tell the difference between this computer animated Joker and the real thing. This is a no brainer.

3. Willem Dafoe


Talk about a guy that looks the part! In some people’s eyes, Willem is the best in the business when it comes to embodying baddies. Sadly, those people are dead fucking wrong because that title belongs to Heath Ledger and, with the technology we have today, he is very much still “in the business”(of being in movies). Shut up you idiot. I can’t believe you thought any of these actors would stand a chance against the GOAT. Honestly? You could even claymation him into this movie. It literally does not matter how you do it, some kind of representation of Mr. Heath Ledger should play the Joker in this film.

4. Kevin James

1ce18d87-fa8e-42ec-86c3-86539de2bbc8 (1).png

Who do you get to play the Clown Prince of Crime? Well, the King of Comedy, of course. Kevin James is the funniest man in the world right now and he is the clear choice here if you aren’t going with videogame Heath.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.48.35 AM.png


What a colossal mistake it would be to not animate, using computers, a photo-realistic Heath Ledger Joker into this movie and all future Batman movies.

5. One Of The Many Clowns In Washington

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.45.04 AM.png

6. A Female Joker


C'mon now, it’s 2017, give us a female Joker! How cool would it be to see what a woman could bring to the character. You could argue that Harley Quinn is technically the female version of Joker… and look how popular she is! Plus, this is the perfect time to do this too! We’ve already seen Joker’s origin story play out countless times. If WB casts a woman, it will not only ad a twist to the story, it would also be a progressive choice.

Alternatively, the studio could crumple up progress and throw it in the trash bin. This job is Heath’s, dead or alive. Heath Ledger is The Joker, and The Joker is Heath Ledger. Fire up the editing software and throw up some green screens. Joker is back, baby.