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Published June 20, 2009
theDIRTYmidget.© presents  "TRIVIAL EFFLUVIA FROM THE BACK PORCH. :    or WHY CURMUDGEONS LIKE ME   NEVER STOP THEIR EMBITTERED BITCHING."    The first in a long, angry series.  Today's thoughts:  I believe that children are our future, and they're going to totally fuck it up.  - - - - - One of the worst things about the recession is that there is now a trend in the news wherein affluent bourgeois pigs piss and moan about all the things they now have to do without that I could never afford in the first place.  "We can't afford to go to Belgium and Geneva this year, so the kids are just going to have to settle for staying in the states.  Hawaii will just have to do."  Fuck you, and fuck your kids.  - - - - - If you feel the compulsion to say "dude" or "bro" in every sentence,  if you have ever addressed a female personas "dude," "bro," or "man," or if you ever find it necessary, under any circumstance to use any variation on or combination of any of those, such as "dude, man," you are gay.  ("Not that there's anything wrong with that." ) - - - - - More to come ... . Again, I thank you for your time.  theDIRTYmidget.©   I love you all.  "Peace to those who do no harm."